Ardsley Landscaping

Pollination Garden at Ardsley Train Station


Be sure to walk by the garden out front of the Hillside Cemetery along the Ardsley Train Station. Grab a seat at the bench if you need a break.

We'd like to thank Andrew Oles, Director of Abington Parks and Recreation, for donating a water tank, Ken Campion, owner of Campion Construction, for building a platform for the water tank, Hillside Cemetery for landscaping support, Charlie Soboleski, Shade Tree Commission, for the design And last, but not least, thanks go to Tim Gilmour, Shade Tree Commission/Ardsley Community Association, for managing the garden maintenance.

We're looking to expand the garden in 2018. Volunteers are always welcomed. 

Ardsley Community Center


Over 25 trees have been planted along Cricket Avenue, Central Avenue and Spear Avenue to increase the tree cap coverage in our community. Our families and children will really enjoy the benefits of these trees in about 10 years. Not to mention the homes for our local wildlife.

Ardsley Wildlife Sanctuary


The Ardsley Wildlife Sanctuary is located at Jefferson and Maple Avenue in Ardsley. The Shade Tree Commission was successful in their DNCR grant application to renew entryways, trails and woodlands. Planning will commence in 2017. Stay tuned.

Click on the image to see the time and effort invested by the STC dating back to 2008!

Abington Shade Tree Commission


Click here to learn more about this wonderful organization dedicated to ensuring a healthy environment.

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1383 Easton Road

Abington, PA 19001


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