American Flags

Members of the Ardsley Community Association have been able to coordinate the installation of American Flags in telephone polls along their streets. We would love to share how we accomplished this.

  1.  Discuss this idea with your neighbors. Get people involved and excited before you begin. Identify block captains.
  2. Establish your budget (See Price Estimates below) before you ask your neighbors for money.  All contributions are valuable. 
  3. Write and distribute a letter to all neighbors describing your donation contribution and soliciting their support (block captains, maintenance, put-up, take-down and storage).
  4. Be willing to go door-to-door. We have a nice community, but we don't know everyone. Get acquainted with your neighbors and make a new friend. Very Important: Be respectful of neighbors that can't or don't wish to contribute.
  5. Get your crew and get to work. Be safe (don't do anything by yourself), have fun and enjoy.

Price Estimates

  • 3' x 5' Nylon Flag w/aluminum poles and mounting bracket/hardware: $30 - $40 per kit (Longer Lasting/Better Looking)
  • 3' x 5' Poly/Cotton Flag w/wooden poles and mounting bracket/hardware: $20 per kit. (Economic/Expect to Replace within 2 years)
  • Initial Flag Installation: $100 (Optional)
  • Count telephone poles
  • Multiply flag kits by quantity of telephone poles (add a few spare kits).
  • Add the installation fee (if required).
  • Divide total costs by quantity of houses and make it happen.

Please go to the Contact Us section of our Home page and drop us a line if you have additional questions or would like additional guidance. 

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